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You can write and publish children's books on kindle for easy profit

Children's Books

Children's books are not only a blast to write & publish to Kindle, they're super-lucrative too!.

stars NOV 01, 2019 | Martin Johanson

strange but TRUE"...)

4 years ago Jay wrote a silly little 26-page Kindle Children's Book with his 8 year-old son Joe.

It was so EASY to do that it took them only 7 days to publish it to Kindle...

...and it quickly shot to #1 on the Bestseller list (hooray!)

But here's the kicker:

This book sells like crazy!

(in fact, it'll pretty much pay for Joe's college education).

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Children's Kindle Book Factoids



Did you know that the Children's eBook market is EXPLODING at Kindle? Yup, in fact...

It's up 475% in last year....and that makes it one of the fastest- growing book sectors at Amazon!


Children's Books also happen to be one of the EASIEST books to write... you just follow a simple formula.



- They're evergreen and will never go out of style

- huge demand - grew 475% last year

- super lucrative (500 sales / borrows = over $1,000 royalties every month!)

- Parents happy to spend money on them (virtual babysitters)

- fun to write! (Jay did it with his 8 year old son)

- easy to serialize (Wimpy Kid anyone?)

- easy to write (you just need a system..).

- easy to outsource - hands free Kindle publishing

- largely image-based (means less words to write)

- they're formulaic (baby monsters + brushing your teeth = #1 hit?)

- full color images look great in Kindle Fire

- covers are a snap (image + template)

- hundreds of categories available = easy to score a bestseller

- dozens of sub-niches (just pick'em)

- easy to merchandise (put images on a t-shirt)

- easy to promote them online (tons of kiddie book blogs)

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He'll also be walking you through a complete Case Study of how he wrote his first best-selling children's book 6 years ago with his 8-year old son Joe...which has gone on to earn enough royalties to pay for Joe's college education!

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